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Barbering dates back to early 4000 B.C in Ancient Egypt, where they would use oyster shells & sharpened flintstone to perform haircutting services. Barbers were highly respected for their work in society. Cutting the hair of the elites, Priests & even pharaohs.

At the Art of Barbering we are very proud of being able to practice Barbering while keeping the tradition alive and being a bridge between modern and traditional barbering principles.

Wady Hernandez (founder)

born in 1981 in Santo Domingo DR. in Villa Consuelo where men gathered at the neighborhood's barber shop to socialize, get groomed and talk about politics, music, art and other hot topics, Wady was inspired by his local Barber (Don Leo) who was a role model for his community.


Wady was fascinated by his craftsmanship, social skills, and the ability to make a living and provide for his family very well as a professional barber. "When you sat on Don Leo's Chair you didn't just get a haircut" the conversations that took place at the barber shop were filled with wisdom, every time he went for a haircut it was a learning experience as he quietly listened to the conversations, he  observed the barbers apply their techniques such as fading, comb over scissors, and straight edge shaving.  the barber shop is a very important part of our civilization and “Every profession should know the history and the individuals who have lived or were contributors to the advancement of their profession.”

Special thanks to:

Don Leo

Donald Griffin 

Cesar Reyes

Manuel Gonzalez

Fabio Pimentel

Alberto Peña

Fun Fact: About The Word “Barber”
Have you ever considered why a barber is called a “barber?”  The word barber was derived from the Latin word “barba” meaning “beard.” 

The Profession of Barbering:

Back in the day, barbers were the most capable men of their tribes and usually mastered more than one field of
expertise. Back then people were very superstitious about haircuts and shaving as they believed that evil spirits entered the body through hair.
Only the most trustworthy men were entrusted with the responsibility of barbering, which in most cases used to be the priest or the chief of the clan.

The Surgeon-Barbers – 1000 AD to 1745 AD:

The era of the surgeon-barbers began with the announcements at the council of Tours and the barbers assumed the main role of physicians-surgeons of the era. The surgeon barbers were considered the Doctors, Physicians, and Surgeons of the time in addition to their primary field of expertise in tonsorial services.

Throughout Europe, barbers became the most important people of the society. By the end of the 14th Century, the barbers in Europe were involved in bloodletting, tooth extraction, cauterization, and other regular duties.

But naturally, it was not humanly possible for the barbers to master everything from surgery to dentistry. Especially, with the advancements being made in the field of surgery it became difficult for the barbers to keep the pace with the research.

Also, a lot of people started becoming skeptical about the surgeon-barbers’ skills and started pressing for separation of the professions. It is interesting to note that the first barbering school that specialized in imparting training on surgery to the barbers was opened in Paris, in the 13thCentury.

It came to be known as the Brotherhoods of St. Cosmos and St. Domain. Later on, the school became a model for other surgery schools set-up during the middle-ages. 



Kids Haircut                                                   25.00$ all even + line up                35.00$ + Deluxe Cut

Men's Haircut and Style (30 min

40.00 $

 Men's Haircut / Tape up + Beard Trim / Line Up + Hot Towel Facial

60.00 $

Hair Cut & Beard 

45.00 $

Pampered Shave

40.00 $

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